Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium, known as Feroz Shah Kotla in India Built in 1883 by the DDCA.





Built by

Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA)

Pitch Report

Grass (Oval)

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium

Top 10 Facts Arun Jaitley Stadium

Top 10 facts about the Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium:

This Stadium is India’s second oldest international cricket stadium, after the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.
The home ground of the Delhi cricket team and the Delhi Capitals of the IPL.
The stadium has a seating capacity of 41,842.
It is named after Arun Jaitley, a former Indian politician and cricket administrator.
The first international cricket match played at the stadium was a Test match between India and the West Indies in 1948.
The highest team score in a Test match at the stadium was 644/8 by the West Indies against India in 1959.
The lowest team score in a Test match at the stadium was 75 by India against the West Indies in 1987.
The highest individual score in a Test match at the stadium was 293 by Murali Vijay for India against Sri Lanka in 2017.
Anil Kumble took all ten wickets in an innings of a Test match at the stadium against Pakistan in 1999.
Chris Gayle scored the fastest century in IPL history at the stadium in 2013, taking just 30 balls.

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium Capacity

Arun Jaitley Stadium, once known as Feroz Shah Kotla, Can seat more than forty thousand souls in its stands, A cheering, passionate, cricket-loving band.

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium, When Constructed

Arun Jaitley Stadium, where dreams take flight, Was built in 1883; it is a sight to behold, A historic ground where many tales unfold.

Arun Jaitley Stadium, which was built

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium, a grand sight, Built by the DDCA with all its might, is A testament to cricket’s enduring light.

Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium Pitch

Arun Jaitley Stadium’s pitch is a balanced affair, Where batters and bowlers both have their share; on a dry and hard surface, the game comes alive; with every ball, the crowd comes alive.

Tips for batsmen and bowlers playing at the Arun Jaitley Cricket Stadium

Here are some tips for batsmen and bowlers playing at the Arun Jaitley Stadium:

For batsmen:

  • Batsman should Be patient and play with a straight bat.
  • Use your feet to get into good positions to hit the ball in this Ground.
  • Be careful of the spin Bowl, especially in the second innings of the match.
  • Try to hit the ball along the ground, as the boundaries are small of the stadium.

For bowlers:

  • Bowlers should Use their variations to keep the batsmen guessing.
  • Bowl to the stumps and try to get the batsmen to play straight.
  • Be patient, and don’t get frustrated if the batsmen are not getting out quickly.
  • Bowlers Use the spin to your advantage, especially in the second innings.
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