History Made: Shubman Gill breaks Babar Azam Record in Ind vs Wi 2nd ODI  

india vs west indies 2nd odi cricket match

Ind vs Wi 2nd ODI 

Record Breaking performance by Shubman Gill in ODI cricket. Indian opener Shubman Gill broke the most extensive record of Pakistan skipper Babar Azam in the Ind Vs WI 2nd odi match.

In a thrilling live cricket match in West Indies, Shubman Gill showcased his exceptional talent and set a new world record during Ind Vs Wi 2nd odi.

Shubman Gill scored 34 runs in the second ODI and now has the most runs after 26 innings in Odi cricket, breaking Babar Azam’s record of 1322 runs.

ind vs wi 2nd odi
Shubman Gill breaks the record of Babar Azam

Shubman Gill Overtakes Babar Azam in ind vs wi 2nd odi

What’s the New World record set by Shubman Gill?

  • In cricket, Shubman Gill set a new world record during Ind Vs WI 2nd odi cricket and has become the fastest player in India.
  • India’s Gill achieved the feat in his 26th ODI innings, while Babar took 27 innings to reach the milestone.
  • Shubman Gill‘s tally of 1352 runs also includes four centuries and a half-century.
  • The 23-year-old Indian has been in excellent form in ODIs matches in recent years, and his breaking record of Babar Azam’s performance in the live cricket match of India Vs West Indies is a testament to his talent.
ind vs wi 2nd odi
ind vs wi 2nd odi

Highlights of Shubman Gill in India Vs West Indies 2nd ODI

Ind VS Wi 2nd Odi: Gill’s MASTER Performance

ind vs wi 2nd odi
Shubman Gill breaks records of babar azam

In addition to breaking Babar Azam’s record, Gill became the fastest Indian batsman to reach 2500 runs in ODIs. He achieved the feat in just 65 innings, breaking the previous record of 70 innings held by another Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli. Yet India has not won the 2nd Odi match with west indies.

Gill’s record-breaking performances are a sign of things to come for the young opener in India. He is one of the most talented batsmen in India, and he has the potential to be one of the best in the world. If he can continue his form in the 3rd odi of India vs West Indies or further cricket matches, he will be a crucial player for India.

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History Made: Shubman Gill breaks Babar Azam Record in Ind vs Wi 2nd ODI  

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