Abdullah Shafique Praise

In the world of cricket, talent is something that is both recognized and celebrated. One such emerging talent in the cricketing arena is Pakistan’s Abdullah Shafique. His remarkable performance during Pakistan’s record chase against Sri Lanka in the 2023 World Cup caught the attention of not only fans but also former Pakistani cricket legends Shoaib Akhtar and Misbah-ul-Haq. This article explores the praise lavished upon Abdullah Shafique Praise by these cricketing legends and delves into the reasons behind it.

A Star in the Making

Abdullah Shafique Praise, Abdullah Shafique’s journey to cricket stardom has been nothing short of inspiring. Abdullah Shafique scored 112 runs in Pakistan’s record chase against Sri Lanka in the 2023 World Cup. He partnered with Mohammad Rizwan for 176 runs for the third wicket, which was the foundation of Pakistan’s victory. Emerging from the bustling streets of Lahore, Pakistan, he has risen through the ranks with remarkable skill and determination. Shafique’s performance in the 2023 World Cup has solidified his reputation as a rising star.

Babar Azam’s Shadow

Abdullah Shafique Praise by Shoaib Akhtar in Pak vs SL World Cup 2023, the Rawalpindi Express, compared Shafique to none other than Babar Azam, one of Pakistan’s most celebrated batsmen. Akhtar’s assessment is significant because he witnessed Babar Azam’s ascent from an emerging talent to one of the world’s best batters. Shafique’s style of play and his demeanour at the crease in the SL vs Pak 2023 World Cup remind Akhtar of the young Babar Azam.

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The Composure and Class

What sets Shafique apart is his class and composure at the crease. He exudes a calm and collected aura that is essential for a top-order batter. His technique is solid, and he displays the same elegance that Babar Azam demonstrated when he was first starting. This composure under pressure hints at a promising future.

Abdullah Shafique Praise BY Misbah-ul-Haq’s

Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach of Pakistan, also showered praise on Abdullah Shafique. Misbah labelled him as a “very special talent.” This commendation from a coach who has seen numerous talents come and go in Pakistani cricket speaks volumes about Shafique’s potential.

Abdullah Shafique Praise
Abdullah Shafique Praise=Pak vs Sl highlights

Shafique’s Playing Style

Abdullah Shafique’s playing style is a combination of art and precision. He can select the right shots at the right time, a crucial skill in One Day International (ODI) cricket. This ability allows him to navigate the game with a strategy that is both calculated and aggressive.

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Selecting the Right Shots

One of Shafique’s standout qualities is his knack for selecting the right shots. He possesses an astute cricketing brain that enables him to read the game and adapt accordingly. This quality is invaluable in high-pressure situations and sets him apart as a smart, intuitive cricketer.

Rotating the Strike

In the modern era of ODI cricket, the ability to rotate the strike is vital. Abdullah Shafique has proven himself to be an expert in this regard. His aptitude for stealing singles and turning ones into twos keeps the scoreboard ticking and puts pressure on the opposition.

Bright Future Ahead

The accolades and Abdullah Shafique’s Praise are not without merit. His exceptional skills, reminiscent of the great Babar Azam, and his ability to read the game like a seasoned professional showcase the immense potential he holds. As he continues to evolve as a cricketer, his future seems as bright as a crisp morning in Lahore.


Abdullah Shafique’s remarkable performance in the 2023 World Cup and the Abdullah Shafique Praise from cricketing legends like Shoaib Akhtar and Misbah-ul-Haq signify the birth of a new star in Pakistani cricket. With his composure, smart shot selection, and ability to rotate the strike, he is destined for greatness.


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How did Abdullah Shafique perform in the 2023 World Cup?

Abdullah Shafique played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s record chase against Sri Lanka in the 2023 World Cup, which earned him recognition and praise.

What is Shoaib Akhtar’s opinion of Shafique?

Shoaib Akhtar compared Abdullah Shafique to the legendary Babar Azam and praised his class and potential.

How does Misbah-ul-Haq describe Shafique’s talent?

Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach of Pakistan, termed Abdullah Shafique as a “very special talent.”

What sets Shafique apart as a batsman?

Shafique’s composure, smart shot selection, and ability to rotate the strike are among the factors that make him stand out as a batsman.

What can we expect from Shafique in the future?

With his exceptional skills and the praise he’s received, Abdullah Shafique’s future in cricket looks very promising, and he could become one of the best in the world.