On November 10, 2023, in Bengaluru, cricket fans witnessed an extraordinary display of talent and resilience. Fakhar Zaman, the explosive Pakistani opener, played an unforgettable innings that left the world in awe. His unbeaten 126 runs off just 81 balls helped Pakistan secure a remarkable victory over New Zealand by 21 runs, thanks to the DLS method. Not only was this an incredible individual performance, but it also had a significant impact on Pakistan’s ODI World Cup journey.

Fakhar Zaman total centuries in all Format

Here is the Fakhar Zaman ODI career. The Fakhar Zaman total centuries in all formats of cricket.

Fakhar Zaman total centuries in all Format

The Brilliant Innings

Zaman’s innings was nothing short of brilliance. He faced 81 balls and scored an astounding 126 runs, proving his worth as a formidable opening batsman. What made this innings even more remarkable was that it was the fastest century ever recorded by a Pakistani batter in the history of the ODI World Cup. Zaman’s performance was a masterclass in aggressive yet controlled batting, leaving spectators and critics in admiration of his skill.

Partnering with Babar Azam

In the game against New Zealand, Fakhar Zaman was not alone in his mission to secure a victory for Pakistan. He formed a formidable partnership with the Pakistani skipper, Babar Azam, who contributed 66 runs to their 196-run partnership. This partnership was a testament to the importance of collaboration in cricket, especially in crucial matches like this one.

Dominating New Zealand Bowling

What made Zaman’s century even more impressive was the fact that he was facing a formidable New Zealand bowling attack. He took on renowned bowlers, including the likes of Trent Boult, who is known for his lethal swing and accuracy. Zaman’s attacking mindset and incredible stroke play resulted in him scoring 42 runs off Boult’s first four overs. It was a fearless display of power hitting and a clear message to the opposition that he was in a league of his own on that day.

Fakhar Zaman’s Highest Score in ODI

Here is the Fakhar Zaman’s record Against These Teams for himself.

Fakhar Zaman Centuries ScoreTEAM
1st Highest Score210Zimbabwe
2nd Highest Score193South Africa
3rd Highest Score180New Zealand
Fakhar Zaman’s Highest Score in ODI – Fakhar Zaman 210

Fakhr Zaman’s unique batting style

Fakhr Zaman is a left-handed opening batsman famous for his aggressive and fearless way of batting. He’s great at hitting the ball far and doesn’t shy away from facing the bowlers. Zaman is also excellent at quickly running between the wickets.

What sets Zaman apart is his skill to hit the ball strongly, even when he’s not perfectly balanced. He’s also skilled at playing shots behind the square, making it tough for bowlers to bowl to him.

How Fakhr Zaman Overcomes His Weaknesses

While Zaman is undoubtedly a talented batsman, he does have a few areas where he’s not as strong. One of his weaknesses is that he can struggle when facing short-pitched deliveries. Additionally, he sometimes tries to hit the ball too forcefully, which can lead to him getting out easily.

To improve his game, Zaman has dedicated time to practice against short-pitched bowling and has been working on keeping his aggression in check. As a result, he has evolved into a more well-rounded and complete batsman in recent years.

Fakhr Zaman’s best innings against India

Zaman has had some remarkable performances against India, but his standout innings against them was undoubtedly his century in the 2017 Champions Trophy final.

During that game, Zaman scored 114 runs from 104 balls, playing a crucial role in Pakistan’s victory by a substantial 180-run margin. His innings were defined by his sheer power and aggressive approach, as he consistently struck the Indian bowlers to all parts of the field.

Fakhr Zaman’s role in Pakistan’s World Cup win

Zaman played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s 2019 World Cup victory. He contributed significantly with 478 runs in the tournament, featuring a memorable century in the semi-final against Australia.

His innings against Australia were particularly vital, as it ensured Pakistan’s place in the final. Zaman displayed patience and responsibility in his batting, aiding Pakistan in successfully chasing down a challenging target of 359 runs.

Fakhr Zaman’s legacy for Pakistani cricket

Fakhr Zaman is a highly popular cricketer in Pakistan and is widely regarded as one of the country’s finest batsmen. He serves as a role model for young cricketers, inspiring them to chase their aspirations.

Zaman’s legacy in Pakistani cricket is that of a bold and aggressive batsman who never shied away from challenging the bowlers. He is a genuine champion and will forever be remembered for his significant contribution to Pakistan’s 2019 World Cup triumph.


In conclusion, Fakhar Zaman’s sensational century against New Zealand in the ODI World Cup on November 10, 2023, will be remembered as a defining moment in his career and Pakistani cricket history. It showcased his extraordinary talent, resilience, and the impact a single player can have on a team’s fortunes. This performance exemplified the essence of cricket – a game filled with passion, unpredictability, and unforgettable moments.


How fast did Fakhar Zaman score his century in the match against New Zealand?

Fakhar Zaman scored his century off just 81 balls, making it the fastest century by a Pakistani batter in ODI World Cup history.

Can Fakhar Zaman’s Century help Pakistan to qualify for the semi-final?

Yes, ODI World Cup 2023 | Fakhar Zaman scored a century to help Pakistan secure a vital victory over New Zealand, keeping their semi-final dreams alive.

Was fakhar zaman in army?

Yes, Fakhar Zaman was in the army.

  • 2007: Joins the Pakistan Navy as a sailor
  • 2012: Released from the Navy to pursue cricket career

What is Fakhar Zaman Age?

He is 33 years Old.

Who partnered with Fakhar Zaman to create a significant partnership in the match?

Fakhar Zaman formed a partnership with the Pakistani captain, Babar Azam, and together, they contributed 196 runs to Pakistan’s total.

How did rain interruptions affect the match against New Zealand?

Rain interruptions led to the reduction of the target from 400 to 342 runs for New Zealand, following the DLS method, adding complexity to the game.